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Mangalore History, Karnataka


History of MangaloreIn 1498, the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed at St Mary's Island near Mangalore. In 1520, the Portuguese took the reign of the region from the Vijayanagara dynasty, and ruled the city til the latter half of the 18th century. The Muslim-dominated control over Mangalore's trade came under the control of the Portugese in 1526 after the Bangara king and his allies were defeated by the Portugese.The year 1695 saw the invasion of the Arabs. It was mainly as the Arabs wanted to liberate themselves from the Portugese restrictions on Arab trade.

During the 17th century, the Portuguese were defeated by the Keladi Nayaka king and ruled the region till 1762. In 1763,Mangalore was conquered by Hyder ALI ,the ruler of Mysore who took the reigns of this city till1767. Mangalore was under the rule of by the Brith East India Company from 1767 to 1783.It was Tipu Sultan, HYDER Ali's son who took the adminstration charges of this region in his hand in 1783. The Fourth Anglo–Mysore War changed the fate of the city.The defeat of TipU made the British the real care taker of the region.

Mangalore HistoryThe city was without any tussle during British rule but the urban and infrastructural developments got affected during the period. Mangalore made a rise in education and in industry, becoming a commercial centre for trade. A German Basel Mission in 1834 was set up which eventually brought many cotton weaving and tile manufacturers to the city. In 1863,Canara was demarcated into North Canara and South Canara which resulted in according Mangalore the status of headquarter of South Canara.Mangalore became an important centre after it was linked to the Southern Railway in 1907.and the multiplication of motor vehicles in India, further improved the trade and communication between the city and the rest of the country. Roman Catholic missions to Mangalore like the Italian Jesuit Mangalore Mission of 1878 played an important role important role in bringing major developement the areas of education ,health and social welfare sector. The enactment of the Madras Town The establishment of the Municipal council on May 23, 1866,brought massive changes in urban planning and providedcivic amenities.
Mangalore was merged into the newly created state of Karnataka now beacuse of the States Reorganisation Act in 1956.The year 1970-80 witnessed massive developement with the setting up of the New Mangalore Port in 1974.It was during the late 20th century ,Mangalore witnessed immense rise in IT sector,business and commerce.

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